Tips on Enhancing Your Car Fuel Efficiency

If there’s one downside to owning a car, that is the ever skyrocketing gasoline prices. By simply going the extra mile in making your new or pre-owned vehicle more fuel efficient, you will be able to save money at the gas station every week. You will find in the long run that properly inflated tires and regular maintenance are the keys to achieving this.

Here are some of the best car care tips you can follow:

 car care and maintenance

  • Change Your Driving Habits – Driving fast not only predisposes you to danger but also uses a lot of fuel. Brake more softly and try not to leave braking to the last second, especially during long road trips.
  • Change the Oil Filter – Checking your oil filter regularly is important as when it is dirty, it could have a detrimental effect to the engine.
  • Ensure that Tires are Properly Inflated – Studies show that properly inflated tires on the car can enhance fuel efficiency by more than 3 percent.

To improve your car’s fuel economy, the bottom-line is to find a reputable car care center that offers a complete line of car care and maintenance services. Choose a Land Rover service center in Dubai now!

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Car Care and Maintenance


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