Caring for Your Audi

Caring for Your Audi

Congratulations on purchasing an Audi car, a first class automobile made by the best engineers using quality car parts. Part of your responsibility as the owner is caring for your Audi. Give it the best maintenance and as a reward, you will be having the best luxury car experience for many years. That’s value for your money and comfort for your body.

    • First, regularly check the timing belt or cam belt of your engine. Do not forget the change it for a new one once the rubber loosens up. The purpose of the cam belt is crucial: it regulates the closing and opening of the engine valves.


    • It will not function properly if it is loose so you must replace it before an obvious damage happens. A belt replacement is recommended after five years or 75000 miles mileage.


    • Regularly ensuring that your tires can still do the job is also important in caring for your Audi. Regular tire replacement guarantees smoother and safer rides. Keep your tires always inflated and rotated every time you use it. You need to offer extra time in doing this check before you proceed with driving your Audi.


    • The transmission fluid is important for your car’s safety and durability by working as a lubricant and transmission system’s coolant. This liquid becomes less gooey after 40,000 miles meaning you may experience difficulty in changing gears. If that happens, you need to have the fluid change.


    • It will also be wise to change the brake fluid regularly. This way, you make sure that your brakes are functioning well. You know that brakes are essential in every trip. A slight defect on your breaking system means potential injuries or fatalities.


    • Brakes fluid is to be replaced every 2 years. Just like the transmission fluid, the brake fluid loses its effectiveness to do its job over time.


    • For comfort, invest maintenance in your Audi’s air conditioning system. Have a licensed professional inspect this regularly. A functioning air conditioner should keep the car interior cool while running on a sunny day. If the temperature inside is not consistent, a valve might be clogged or the refrigerants might already be expired.


  • Maintaining your air conditioner means that you need to prevent window fogging (which will encourage bacterial growth) and to keep fresh air inside your vehicle.

Ensuring the best state of your car need not be expensive though. Ask the nearest Audi Service Center nearby for possible wholesale discounts and special prices.

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