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Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Washing – Beginning of the Week Specials

If you are starting a mobile auto detailing and mobile car washing business then what you will find out is most people want the higher end services towards the end the week. People would rather have their cars washed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. If you are working in an office park, or parking garage at a company or corporation, there won’t be any customers on Saturday. Therefore you have to pack in your best clientele between Wednesday and Friday, but what about the rest of the week? You still need to keep your crew when people busy right? Sure you do, so let’s go ahead and talk about this shall we?

In fact, not long ago I was asked if it made sense to run special pricing during slow business days, such as in the first part of the week since not too many people really want their cars cleaned towards the beginning of end of the week. The answer to the question is; Yes! Why, because consumers like to get a good deal, and they will jump on the opportunity. It also works because you can use this strategy to help move customers to beginning of the week services. So does it make sense to offer special discounts and deals on those days to improve business? Should you offer coupons, specials, and deals?

Certainly, just like Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max, people like to get a good deal, and once you have their email – texting specials is a cool concept. And, you can get your own app for that eventually by trading someone for a free detail who writes apps, they’ll just modify an existing one similar to those used by locally run “Groupon-type” services.

Indeed, I was also asked what sorts of deals one might offer in the first part of the week?

What we did was that we offered a Super Deluxe Wax – $25 exterior only wash and clear coat wax with tire dressing on Mon-Tues, or anytime the weather sucked. You simply walk in and say;

“Did you want to get the super deluxe wax to protect your car from this nasty weather,” or;
“Today’s special is a Super Deluxe,”

and you’d be surprised people get addicted to those deals, some do it almost every week, their cars eventually have so much wax on them they could scrape the side at the Jack-in-the-Box drive-through and you could simply power wash or buff off the white and yellow paint and it would look good as new.

I can tell you this; if you wax the car every single week or a couple times per month you can basically hit it with a high-pressure washer, and all the dirt falls right off without even soaping the car. That means you can go extremely quickly when cleaning. Not to mention these quick exterior waxes on automobiles are by far the most profitable of all and you should give early week specials like that as it bumps up the volume significantly.

Most of our crews were able to wash and wax the exterior of a car in about 15 minutes using clear coat wax with only two guys. I used to be able to it that by myself on most mid-sized cars, seriously! Imagine if you filled up an entire day with your crew doing that? That would be a big money day, and better yet if it were at the beginning of the week the rest of the week is a major bonus.

Should one keep their prices high all the time if it is a very upscale location? Well, probably, but hell, you know I’d need to go count the number of yuppie high-end BMWs, Range Rover’s, Mercedes, Maserati’s, and Jags first. The more black and silver gray colored cars the better. It might make sense to have a dual menu, one for the higher-end clientele towards the end of the week, and lower costs at the first part of the week for the secretaries who drive the Toyotas, Ford’s, and Honda’s. Please consider all this and think on it.

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