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Audi Maintenance and Servicing Tips

Whether you own a Q7 or RS4, there is nothing as exciting as getting behind the wheels of your Audi car. And in order to keep it running at top performance, your vehicle needs regular repair and maintenance.

If you need tips on how to repair and maintain your Audi, then the following tips should give you some good ideas about keep your Audi in top condition.

  • Regular replacement of engine oil

Without a doubt, the Audi engine is a high-performance machine designed for reliability, power, economical operation and long service life. These features are reserved for a very long time, but only if regular inspections and replacement of engine oil is observed.

  • Use the right fuel

Always make sure that you use the right fuel on your Audi. It is always advised to use only Audi recommended fuel. By using an approved fuel, you help make sure that your car delivers the performance it was meant to provide. Wrong or low quality fuel can compromise your engine as it can lead to the build-up of deposits in it. As a result, it may lower the engine performance.

  • Correct tyre maintenance

Always make sure all the tires are properly inflated. Audi vehicles typically come with a tire pressure monitoring system to identify flattened tires. Fully inflated tires provide the best handling ability and fuel economy for your car. It also helps to prolong the life of your car. Furthermore, tyres ought to be inspected for wear and tear occasionally.

  • Brake disc inspection and maintenance

After you wash your car, moisture and water can build-up around the brakes, which can cause rusting over time. This will become more apparent if the car is not used regularly. Rust within the brakes will cause the damaging of the disc, and as a result, will reduce the brake powder. For this reason, always protect the brake disc from water, particularly if you are using a pressured-water hose.

For more complicated Audi servicing and maintenance, please contact a reputable company whether they are operating out of a permanent garage or whether they are providing a mobile maintenance service.


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