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How to Prepare Your Vehicle For The Summer Months in The Middle East

With temperatures reaching 50°C in the Middle East during summer, motorists across the region are being warned of the detrimental effects it could have on their vehicles.

A Dubai-based automotive expert claims that the rise in temperatures takes a huge toll on all parts and systems in an automobile, particularly the batteries, tires, generators, cabin filters, air conditioning systems and engine systems. This is why he highlights regular maintenance as the key to driving safely and comfortably in hot weather.

A properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial in hot weather to ensure that drivers and passengers are kept cool and comfortable inside their vehicle. With the AC system demanding more power than usual in the summer, battery and generator life in the car can be shortened greatly, and so, this calls for regular checks in order to prevent breakdowns.

There are a number of car care centers in Dubai where you can take your car for a service. However, if you have a luxury car such as a Jaguar or a Land Rover, you need to search for a garage in Dubai that specializes in these vehicles. Take note that it takes greater skill to service these vehicles than those Japanese cars, for example.

Premier Car Care is one of the car workshops that offers a complete line or car repair and maintenance services to ensure your comfort and safety on the road all summer long. Our trained and experienced mechanics check each car meticulously to determine any existing or potential issue and address it right away. They put huge importance on preventive maintenance to help prevent any costly and recurrent repairs in the future. Another thing that sets them apart from other luxury car mechanics is that they provide each customer with tips on how to better care for their automobile.

To prepare drivers and their vehicles for the summer months, we currently offer 20% discount on mechanical work, which includes engine checkup and repair; suspension and drive shafts; steering system check; and gearbox & differentials. As a bonus, we also offer free AC checkup.

Avail Premier Car Care’s car mechanical service in Dubai and car AC repair in Dubai.

Getting ready for your summer drive? Avail Premier Car Care’s car mechanical service in Dubai and car AC repair in Dubai to have a fun and comfortable journey. Bear in mind that even in vehicle maintenance , prevention is better than cure.


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