Handy Car Tips: Quick Fixes for Small Automotive Problems

Hourly labor can drive a small car repair right through the roof. Use this handy guide to make small repairs to your car or truck, and pick up a few tips and tricks that will make car maintenance and driving life a little easier.

Sticky Locks

For a lock that sticks, you might immediately think lubrication, but it is actually best not to spray oil inside a sticky lock. Oily lubricants only collect more gunk that gums up the locks even more. To free locks, ground up bits of powdery graphite (pencil lead) is what you need.

Body Rust

If a patch of rust on your vehicle is small and only on the surface, you can save yourself a costly trip to the body shop with this tid-bit of handy automotive information. Rub away small rust patches by dipping a piece of steel wool in kerosene and buffing out the spot. Balling up aluminum foil and dipping it in water is another reported method for rubbing rust away.


Here’s something to try before you pay the body shop big bucks for a fast fix on a dented car or truck body. Get the toilet plunger (clean if necessary) and place it over the dent. Pump the plunger to create suction, and pull. The dent should pop out when you pull away the plunger. For a large dented area, you might try to pop most (or all) of the dent out by carefully banging on the dent from the back of the panel using a rubber mallet.

Extra Shine

Want a super-gleaming shine on your car? After you wax it, sprinkle a littlr cornstarch onto a buffing cloth and buff. Cornstarch is known to remove built-up polish and will give your car an extra shiny coat.

Air Fresheners

Keep your car smelling great by filling the ashtray with potpourri. Potpourri has a stronger scent and lasts longer than cardboard air fresheners.

Spark Plug Cleaner

Dirty spark plugs that aren’t firing correctly are fairly easily cleaned with commercial oven cleaner. Soak the spark plug tips in the oven cleaner for two hours. Scrape away hard to remove or left over grime with an emery board (fingernail file) or sand paper.

Source: https://goo.gl/A81xCz

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