Car Maintenance Tips this coming Summer

One of the most awaited time of the year is summer. It’s the time to go a long ride to the beach in order to swim, to get a tan and many thing else. Even if it’s a good time, we need to consider that we’re going to feel the scorching heat of the sun so we need the AC of our car in order to reduce the burden. Furthermore, the summer heat can harm not only you but also your car. So here are some tips that may help you in take care your car this coming summer:

Check Fuel Economy
The harsh heat of the summer can massively affect the car and mechanical parts because those parts face double heat. Always make sure that the changing of oil filters was scheduled properly to avoid serious damage.

Get Air Conditioner Service
This should always be considered when we’re talking about summer since no one can ever handle the heat or else, you’ll be able to lose a lot of sweat before you can reach your destination.

Check the Coolant Expansion Bottle
Having a bottle of coolant can really save your car’s life since it is advisable because of the summer heat. It can help to lower the temperature of the car. Keep in mind to refill it immediately if the coolant is consumed.

Checked the Air Pressure of the Tires
The thing that you should also consider during summer is to check the tire pressure weekly because high temperature of the atmosphere is the main cause of tire expansion.

Clean the Battery
High temperature of the summer can speed up the chemical reaction inside the battery which would lead to shorten the life span of it. One way to prevent the aging of the battery is to detach the cables and wipe off the terminals.


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