Tips to improve the mileage of a car

I know most of the car owners here can relate to this since all of us want to have a low mileage for our car so here are some tips that can help you improve the mileage of your car.

Be a smooth operator
Become one with your car. Treat the accelerator and the brake pedals with respect. The things that can harm the fuel efficiency of your car are speedy acceleration and sudden brakes. 

All geared up
As much as possible, shift to the highest possible gear without the engine knocking. When accelerating with lower gears, the tend to consume more fuel so avoid it.

Keep it clean! 
Keep the filters clean such as the air filter or the oil filter in order to improve the performance of the car. If possible, get them cleaned or replace them.

Consolidate Trips
Go for a longer trip rather than two short trips because your car consumes extra fuel everytime you start the engine. Combine as many trips as possible to keep fuel efficiency high.


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