Why Car Maintenance is a Must in Dubai?

car-maintenanceOwning a car entails a huge responsibility not only in terms of driving but also when it comes to its maintenance. If you are living here in Dubai, you know how real the struggle is considering the extreme weather conditions in the region and its effect on your prized possession. The good news is that there are a number of reliable car service centers that you can count on.

Car tinting in Dubai is by far one of the most popular services offered in car workshops as it is designed to give you comfort and protection from the harsh UV rays. Hence, with a properly tinted car, you and the other occupants will be able to enjoy even the shortest road trip in this desert metropolis.

For your information, the Federal Traffic Law allows only a maximum tint of 30 percent to the side and rear windows and not the front window. Violators to this regulation are fined AED 500, apart from the confiscation of the car for a month.  When done by a reliable Dubai car service center, you don’t have anything to worry about the tint on your car as you can rest assured that the local rules are followed and high quality tinting products are used.

Another important car maintenance service that must be done on a regular basis is car interior cleaning. Whether you are going for a short or long drive, nothing beats having a clean and fresh interior as you will be safe from dust mites that cause allergy. Hence, it is ideal to take your car to a reputable cars garage in Dubai at least twice a month for a thorough cleaning service. Apart from the interior, you should also ensure that the exterior is clean as well as free from dents and scratches.

Bring out the best in your car and in the way your drive! If you are looking for the best British or German car service center, Premier Car Care is the one that you can rely on. We are the leading alternative car workshop in Dubai that aims to increase the value of your prized possession while ensuring a safe and comfortable drive. Our experienced mechanics are a specialist in window tinting Dubai, full engine checkup, vehicle repairs and maintenance, AC checkup, and car detailing.

Whatever your car care and repair needs, we’ve got you covered.

Source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/automotive-articles/vehicle-maintenance-repair-articles/why-car-maintenance-must-dubai-1534464.html

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