Five Signs You are Dealing with the Right Car Service Center

When searching for car mechanics in your area, there are seven factors to look into to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and reputable workshop. Some of the most common concerns may seem obvious while others are less than likely to have been noticed. Being able to spot these tell-tale signs before any work is done will help guarantee that you get the quality service and product you deserve.

signsIf you are looking for a workshop specializing in car service and repair in Dubai, you need to look into these five signs to ensure that you are dealing with the right one.

Staff experience – Of course, no one wants to entrust their car to a car service workshop who does not know what to do. Make sure that the mechanics you are dealing with are skilled and experienced by asking about their certification and qualification.

Customer service – When it comes to servicing a car, it is so much more than just repairing or replacing the problematic parts. The mechanics should also explain to you the problem, its cause and how to prevent it in the future. This way, you will have an idea on how to better care for your car. You should also observe their behavior on the phone. If the staff is rude with you or has some attitude, don’t do business with them. A workshop who does not have proper etiquette towards customers is not worth it.

Tools and equipment – If you have a luxury car and are looking for a Porsche service, Maserati service or Bentley service, you surely wouldn’t entrust it to a typical garage. Take it to a workshop specializing in upscale cars because they have the right staff, tools and equipment exclusively designed for your car.


Price – If a certain workshop offers you a price that is below the industry average, that only means there’s something wrong. A reliable one will quote you on what they think and feel is a good price. This is true especially for service centers specializing in luxury cars.

Delivery time – Waiting is always hard, especially if you are waiting for your prized possession.  Make sure that your chosen workshop lives up to their promise when it comes to delivery time. However, if they have a lot of cars to service, you need to bear with them when it comes to the delivery time. The fact that they have a lot of cars means that they are trusted by many drivers.

Looking for a workshop specializing in luxury car care in Dubai? Premier Car Care is the best place to go to as we are the region’s leading alternative service center for luxury cars!


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