Things You Need to Know Before Availing Car Detailing Service in Dubai

things-you-need-to-know-before-availing-car-detailing-service-in-dubaiHave you ever thought of giving your old car a makeover? Then you need to visit a reliable garage for car detailing, a process entailing different aspects of car care such as cleaning the interiors, paint restoration, wheels care, and engine refurbishment. With this service, your car will look brand new both in the interior and exterior.

The good news is that there are several centers for car detailing in Dubai where experts carry out all the required tasks to make the car look as shiny and attractive as it was before. However, before setting foot in any of these service centers, you need to first research on the services they offer as well as their corresponding prices. You don’t want to go beyond your budget, do you?

Exterior Detailing

For exterior car detailing Dubai, different techniques are utilized to attain the perfect look, including waxing, followed by polishing and waxing. Professionals use special kinds of towel to dry the surface and apply top quality polishes and waxes on the surface to regain the car’s original shine. They normally focus on tail lights, headlamps, windows, and bumpers to give the car a perfect look. Scratch removal is also a part of the Dubai car detailing process where all kinds of stains and scratches from the car surface are treated with advanced techniques.

Interior Detailing

This phase entails full cleaning of the cabin, which includes cleaning carpets and foot mats as well as shampooing seats. Professionals use special brushes and tools to remove stains on the seats. Most garages specializing in car detailing in Dubai recommend dry cleaning over liquid cleaning for the cabin.

Paint Protection

Paints are highly sensitive, and thus, easily get affected by harsh environmental conditions. This is true in the Middle East, no wonder there is an ever-growing demand for auto detailing Dubai services. To restore a dull car’s shine, it simply undergoes three steps: washing, cleansing and polishing.

Now that summer is already around the corner, you have to ensure that your car looks great both inside and out. Why don’t you start looking for the best garage that offers reliable yet affordable car detailing in Dubai now? Premier Car Care offers exciting car detailing deals Dubai that you shouldn’t have to miss.


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